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Before It's Gone.
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This Live Journal community is dedicated to graffiti as an essential art form.
Graffiti is an aesthetical expression of culture and self in the midst of urban chaos and order. One of the major objectives of this community to share our photos of graffiti (it doesn't matter if the graffiti was of your own creation or not). This involves general art, tags, slogans, stenciling, and even commissioned pieces for stores or local businesses.

I've decided to make this community because of a recent "crackdown" on graffiti in my city and i want the world to share as much graffiti as possible before the art gets washed over with bleak, bland, industrial white paint. (which of course is just creating a fresh slate for more artists :))

I would only like to ask that you not post shitty little pieces that only make the city look uglier, for example, things like this:

... although if you REALLY want to, go for it.

anyway, have fun. and let me know if you have a nice and big photo of a piece of graffiti that you did and i'll set it as the community background, because i don't want to put other people's work permanently displayed on the site.



BANNERS. please help spread the word.